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Consulting Services

When engaged as consultants, we "do all of the work" for the client.  Our consultant will work with the client to define the scope the deliverable for the engagement, partner with the client as a strategic advisor for their business as it relates to the defined deliverable, and produce the final deliverable for the client.

We offer our consulting services as either hourly, daily or retainer-based arrangements.  Please call our office for additional details and availability.

Coaching Services

When engaged as coaches, we provide the executive, leadership, management, team or business coaching required to help the client achieve their business and individual goals / objectives.  Please note that our coaches do not produce deliverables as part of this service offering, except for the customized coaching tools and templates for the coaching session itself.

We offer virtual coaching services via telephone with a minimum of 3 sessions per month, in 30, 45 or 60-minute durations.

We offer live coaching services at the client location or at a mutually agreed upon location in 4 or 8-hour intensive sessions.

Educational Services

We offer educational services to our clients in several delivery formats, including workshops, seminars, teleseminars, webinars and guest speaking engagements.

As requested, we will develop customized educational programs in any of our areas of expertise.

Event Services

We offer event planning, management and facilitation services to our clients related to the delivery of our consulting, coaching and educational service offerings.

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